Learn Gamedev From Zero with Godot 4 (2D & 3D)

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Jan 30, 2024
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What you can expect from this course:

19 modules for 2D and 14 modules for 3D
Based on real results and user feedback
Accessible to complete beginners
Hundreds of interactive practices
Teaches Godot 4 and GDScript from 0
Final projects are complete games

Learn 2D and 3D gamedev from scratch using a proven method that has helped thousands of people become game developers.

In Part I of this foundational course, we take you from 0 to a complete 2D action game with procedural levels inspired by Enter the Gungeon and The Binding of Isaac. In the process, you will learn how to use code and leverage Godot to achieve the most frequently used game mechanics.
The final game, Path of the Sorcerers
I am SO pleased with the quality! There is no product like this ANYWHERE for other engines, and it's shockingly easy to use and professional. Amazing work.
Ryan R. Burns
Level Designer on Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Screenshot of a 3D platformer game. Sophia, a girl with blue hair, standing on grass, with clouds and hills in the background.

Leverage GDQuest's unique ed techs

Just like Godot, GDQuest has also grown and developed new learning tools made possible by Godot 4's new features.
We've developed technologies that are unique in gamedev education.
They are based on nearly a decade of listening to aspiring gamedevs and helping them pick up the skills they need to create their games.
These tools will help you adopt concepts more interactively and bridge the gap between learning and doing.


Unlike its predecessors which were hosted on third party learning management systems, this course is launching on our own learning platform.
The platform was especially created to support the interactive learning technologies we've developed. It is designed around GDQuest's course structure and supports better integration with your Godot projects.

Godot Tours

An invaluable interactive learning technology to get familiar with Godot's many editors. As its name indicates, Godot Tours allows GDQuest to take you step-by-step on a guided walkthrough of the engine's user interface and countless options.
Don't mistake it for a basic wizard, Godot Tours allows you to interact directly with the editor and validates your actions!
Screenshot of the Godot editor with a bubble giving you instructions at the bottom-right, and some parts of the interface highlighted with thick blue outlines.

Godot Sandbox

Our very own live code editor runs in the browser and allows you to modify code and visualize the changes directly in the running game. As an industry first, this technology is still experimental. We aim to incorporate progressively in our courses throughout Early Access.
Once rolled out, Godot Sandbox would give you access to explorable explanations and interactive practices directly in your course without having to switch back and forth between learning and running Godot.
An interface showing a code editor at the top left, a running game at the top-right, and output messages at the bottom.

Finally get out of tutorial limbo

Following along tutorials, it feels like you're learning, but as soon as you're on your own, you're lost again.
That's because a given tutorial can be helpful to show you how to accomplish something specific, but a collection of tutorials is not structured enough. It takes a long time to stitch together all the pieces you need to build a strong foundation.
It's partly a limitation of videos and partly due to media platforms and how they recommend content to us.
A simple truth: it takes knowledge to ask the right questions and know what information you need. It's a chicken and the egg problem.
Founder and teacher at GDQuest

Code at the service of Gamedev

Coding is often taught abstractly in a vacuum, like math. This method leaves many people by the wayside because programming is not for everyone. To many people, it can be boring or too challenging.
Most of us would like to learn coding as a means to an end. That's why GDQuest teaches you applied coding. You will put concepts directly at work to achieve desired game mechanics.
In this course:
You learn by creating many small real-world programs to focus on one thing at a time.
For every programming concept, we start with concrete examples directly applied to game mechanics.
You learn Godot's own language GDScript. It's gamedev-specific so there's way less syntax and fewer opportunities to get stuck. It's a great way to learn to code and a perfect stepping stone to any language you use in the future because what you learn still applies.
GDQuest gets students straight to the fun without sacrificing the fundamentals. I am a computer science student and I wish more of my classes were taught this way.
Jordan Hunt (heroic)
On Learn to Code from Zero with Godot 3 · on Jun 29, 2023

Pick up the fastest-growing game engine

Godot is a feature-packed 2D and 3D open-source game engine made by passionate game developers and software engineers.
It's powerful yet very light so suitable for state-of-the-art machines as well as older computers. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even runs in the browser.
It's community-driven and many of its users also contribute to its development.
Unlike other engines, Godot is truly Free: No shady license or royalties to pay. No strings attached. Godot is run by a Foundation and is under the MIT license.
Did you know? Godot has been used to make Sonic Colors Ultimate! Even engineers at Tesla work with Godot.
Founder and teacher at GDQuest
Illustration showing Sonic jumping surrounded by spirits, with the fist forward.
Nathan Lovato avatar
Nathan Lovato shield
GDQuest founder and early contributor to the Godot documentation. Teaching gamedev with Godot for over 8 years. Here to help you become a game developer!

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What people have said about our courses

I published 6 games on Steam. All of them are made with Godot and GDQuest is my day one teacher. Thank you so much. 😄

Avatar of Napas Torteeka
Napas Torteeka
Game developer
Farm Keeper on Steam

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