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Jun 28, 2022
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Start with your game developper journey
Create appealing & fun game mechanics
Discover the Godot Editor
Know good programming praticices
Learn the basics of Godot's language
Create and publish a complete game

Creating games feels incredible: you bring characters to life, get your friends to play, and have fun with your creations.

But it's also a big challenge. To make your games, you have to learn programming. There's no way around it because every video game is a computer program.
So you find a game engine, watch some step-by-step tutorials, follow along... and as soon as you're alone and try to make a change, it all falls apart.
While tutorials teach you some code, they rarely explain why they use this or that feature or how things really work.
They don't teach you the fundamental skills that will make you a successful game developer.
You can't rely on tutorials to make your dream game: you must learn to think like a programmer and build strong skills.
That's what this unique course is all about.
Founder and teacher GDQuest

Using Godot, the free and open-source game engine, you will learn everything you need to know to make your games.

Godot is a feature-packed 2D and 3D game engine made by passionate game developers and software engineers.
It's working on Windows, Mac and Linux.
It's entirely community-driven.
Unlike other engines, Godot is truly Free: there's no shady license or royalties to pay. No strings attached.
I am SO pleased with the quality! There is no product like this ANYWHERE for other engines, and it's shockingly easy to use and professional. Amazing work.
Ryan R. Burns
Level Designer on Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Godot's simple GDScript programming language is much easier to learn than complex all-purpose languages like C#, which other engines use.
There's way less syntax and fewer opportunities to get stuck.
Yet a lot of what you'll learn with Godot will apply to all your programming adventures as it uses the industry-standard imperative and object-oriented approaches to programming.
This makes it a perfect entry into the beautiful world of computer science.

In Learn to Code with Godot, you'll learn by creating fun toys and games.

We'll take you from 0 to writing a complete action game with procedural levels inspired by Enter the Gungeon and The Binding of Isaac.
Most online programming courses have it wrong: they either only give you shallow steps to follow or dump loads of abstract theory onto you, which doesn't help.
Founder and teacher GDQuest
With us:
You'll learn by creating many small programs so you can focus on one thing at a time.
For every programming concept, we'll start with concrete examples.
Then we'll dive into the details so you understand how everything works.
Did you know? Godot has been used to make the 2D indie hits Brotato, Dome Keeper, and Case of the Golden Idol.
Founder and teacher at GDQuest
Screenshot of a potato with a red bandana, holding two guns, surrounded by aliens. The white and red title at the top reads Brotato.
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GDQuest founder and early contributor to the Godot documentation. Teaching gamedev with Godot for over 8 years. Here to help you become a game developer!

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What people have said about our courses

I published 6 games on Steam. All of them are made with Godot and GDQuest is my day one teacher. Thank you so much. 😄

Avatar of Napas Torteeka
Napas Torteeka
Game developer
Farm Keeper on Steam

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